Published on
July 27, 2022

Everybody Loves Vodka

This Cheers Magazine article covered our favorite liquor, Vodka! This article from 2015 discusses the revival of the reputation of vodka in bars and interviews the owners of Inner Circle about opening a bar that features Vodka. Check out the introduction and read more from the article at

"Pity poor vodka, scorned by fancypants mixologists and largely left out of the cocktail renaissance. Don’t waste too many tears, though: The great white spirit has plenty of devotees. The category is huge and it’s still growing.

Nearly one out of every three bottles of spirits sold in the U.S. is vodka. Attitudes are changing; its reputation is reviving among bartenders. Some places are establishing themselves as destinations for vodka lovers, with outsized selections and creative drinks. Vodka is back; fans always knew it never left."